Eliminate weeds in your lawn and prevent their return with the best weed killers.

The Best Ways to Use Casoron Weed Killer to Your Land

Usage Casoron annual to avoid both seasonal weeds from re-establishing themselves and yearly weeds from taking hold. Casoron must be kept away from developed plants that have shallow roots, as these might be rooted in the obstacle that Casoron produces.

Administer Casoron to the website early in the growing period, prior to the weeds appear, and as quickly as the soil can be worked. Given that Casoron works for over 6 months, one treatment needs to be acceptable to avoid and kill weeds all spring and summertime.

Spread Casoron by hand or by a spreader, then water the cured location well. Casoron is triggered by wetness. A stable rains or damp sawdust, mulch or clippings can likewise be utilized for to supply needed wetness instantly after application.

Apply Casoron at a typical rate of around 60 to 80 lbs. per acre. You can utilize a little less for yearly weed control; challenging seasonal weeds might require a more powerful application.

Prevent Casoron from getting near plants transplanted within the previous month and from beds with seedlings. When spreading out Casoron near veggie gardens; lots of veggies can not make it through a Casoron application and might be injured by the herbicide wandering into their growing area, workout care.
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