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Trimec Classic Broadleaf Herbicide

Trimec Weed Killer - The primary chosen post-emergence herbicide for thoroughly handled great turf of greens superintendents and other specialists accountable for intensively handled great turf - is now a low-odor item. In this ecologically delicate age, we comprehend that under particular situations a low profile worrying using any pesticide ends up being crucial. 

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Trimec Classic Broadleaf Herbicide
Presented over 40 years earlier, Trimec Classic still deals with more acres than other premium 3-way. Trimec Classic was the very first item developed for broadleaf weed control in turf and has actually long been developed as the university requirement in field trials. Dandelions, plantain, and cloves are a few of the weeds managed by Trimec Classic - without hurting most turfgrass types.

Due to the fact that of the synergistic action of its parts, cost-per-acre is low.

Years of experience have actually revealed that Trimec Classic puts power and performance into your weed control program. Where trustworthy weed control is the objective, Trimec Classic is the cost-effective response.

  • Controls significant broadleaf weeds in turf
  • Gets hard-to-kill weeds without duplicated applications
  • Effective post-emergence control at a vast array of temperature levels
  • 40+ years on the marketplace
  • The initial low-odor formula
  • Outstanding record of efficiency made use of on countless acres of turfgrass
  • Labeled for sod farm use
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Just how much Trimec Classic do I use per gal. of water?

Per the Trimec Classic Broadleaf Herbicide product label for broadleaf weed manage on cool season grass you would use 1.two to 1.five oz. per 0.five to six gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft.

Measures in Calibration:

  1. Mark an region of 1,000 square feet (i.e. 20 by 50 feet, or 25 by 40 feet).
  2. Place the sprayer on a level surface and add water noting the final level of water in thespray tank.
  3. Spray the marked region using a adequate volume of water to supply uniform coverage. Refill the sprayer for the very same level as prior to measuring the level of water added. The measured water added for the sprayer would be the volume required to cover 1,000 square feet.
  4. Decide the application price (fl oz/1000 sq ft) for the product in the “General Application” section from the label.
  5. To every volume of water used, as measured in step three, add the level of product determined in step four.

When the sprayer used two gallons of water to cover 1,000 square feet and also the preferred application price of product 1.five fluid oz/1,000 square feet, then you would add 1.five fluid ounces to each and every two gallons of water to become used.

When may be the greatest time within the fall to spray Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide?

Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide could be sprayed when weeds are actively expanding via October ahead of the soil temperatures attain 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How long should I wait to see results with Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide?

Depending on the age of the plant and the health of the plant it can take 2-4 weeks to see results after using Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide.

How low a temperature will Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide be Effective?

Varies with the weed. General rule of thumb, ester formulations will be effective after gdd50 = 110, and amine formulations after gdd50 = 170. (gdd50 = growing degree days, 50°F base) It is not the temperature on a given day, but cumulative temperature averages to date.