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Instructions For Bayer Advanced Weed Killer For Lawns

Bayer Advanced Weed Killer for Lawns is a brand of herbicide created to kill broadleaf weeds in your lawn. It is a selective herbicide that will not damage the lawn itself, due to the fact that it selectively assaults more than 200 types of broadleaf weeds, such as chickweed.this, dandelion and clover herbicide is available in 2 formulas: ready-to-use and focused spray. Both solutions are simple to utilize and have simply a couple of standard directions. See also The Best Weed Killers for Lawns

Bayer Weed Killer Instruction

Concentrated Formula

  • Put on rubber gloves prior to you start dealing with the weed killer.
  • Identify just how much you require based upon the location of lawn. Each gallon of option deals with 500 square feet of lawn.
  • Mix 4 tablespoons of focused weed killer per gallon of water when dealing with fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, seasonal rye, Bermuda, buffalo and zoysia yards. For Bahia, centipede and St. Augustinegrass lawns, mix 2 tablespoons of focused weed killer per gallon of water.
  • Fill your sprayer tank with the suitable quantity of water and focused weed killer.
  • Close the sprayer and shake extensively.
  • Change the sprayer nozzle to a coarse spray pattern and use weed killer equally over the whole location to be dealt with. When dealing with individual weeds, hold the wand about 1 foot from the weed and direct the spray at the center of the weed.
  • Work from the location of lawn farthest away and move backward as you spray to prevent getting in touch with the sprayed locations.
  • Area treat tough to kill weeds 14 days after the preliminary treatment.

Ready-to-Use Spray

Bayer Advanced Weed Killer For Lawns

  • Place on rubber gloves and shake the bottle of weed killer well. Link the sprayer to your garden hose by threading completion of the hose into the hose adapter at the back of the nozzle. You do not have to water down the option that remains in the bottle; it will instantly weaken as you spray.
  • Switch on the supply of water valve linked to your garden hose and extend the hose to the farthest location to be dealt with.
  • Point the sprayer nozzle towards the location and push and hold the tab far from the knob with one hand while turning the knob clockwise to the ON position with your other hand.
  • Move at a stable rate while utilizing a sweeping movement while spraying and somewhat overlap the dealt with locations.
  • Hold the lock and press tab far from the knob when you're completed, while turning the knob counter-clockwise to the OFF position.
  • Shut off the water then turn the sprayer back to the ON position to alleviate the pressure in the hose. When the water slows to a drip, turn the sprayer off once again and detach from the hose.
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