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The Best Ways to Control Winter Grass

Poa annua annua is typically called Winter Grass in South Africa. Poa is an extrememly varied genus, there are 2 broad categories: the weakly seasonal biotype and the yearly biotype. The latter real winter yearly is without a doubt the more primary specifically in the Western Cape and the focus of this post is for that reason on this certain biotype. See also The Best Weed Killers for Lawns

The Winter Grass Cycle.

Winter Grass produces seed in abundance on muliple seed heads and it is this seed which supplies the primary germination in the lead approximately Winter i.e. throughout Autumn when temperature levels start to cool. The Winter Grass then grows healthily in the chillier Winter months, specifically in dubious locations or where it is wet - among lawn grass, in flower beds or any place it can discover an appropriate area. As the Winter Grass grows it produces masses of seed, and as temperature levels increase in Spring and Summer the Winter Grass goes brown and passes away off, leaving its seed to continue the yearly cycle.

Suggested Control.

Many professionals concur that Winter Grass is finest managed by using a pre-emergent herbicide understood as KERB. Typically KERB ought to be used by spraying, beginning in early Autumn and throughout the Winter months when the opportunities of capturing the seed in its pre-emergent germination stage are biggest. If the invasion of Winter Grass is considerable, then the spraying can be duplicated 2 or 3 times, at periods of about 2 months to the end of Winter.

Other Considerations.

Considering that Winter Grass produces a lot seed, it is quickly spread out by wind, water, in garden compost and lawn dressing, under shoes and on hosepipes. It has a shallow root system when enabled to grow a bit, can easy be taken out by hand. This approach has to in any case be utilized when Winter Grass is discovered in not-yet-established lawns, or among other plants which may be harmed by KERB residue spray.
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