Eliminate weeds in your lawn and prevent their return with the best weed killers.

Spectracide 95834 Weed Stop for Lawns

Spectracide is a selective herbicide concentrate that can kill over two hundred types of weeds but will go easy on your lawn. Some of the weeds that it can kill are dandelion, yarrow, creeping Charlie, plantain, poison ivy and many more.

This product comes in 32 ounces and will treat up to 16, 000 square feet. Don’t believe their marketing where it says that it will start working in a few hours because the truth is that it will take a lot longer than that to see the results (give it a couple of weeks).

Spectracide 95834
When you apply Spectracide, you will probably think that it didn’t do anything because you won’t see any changes after a few days. But slowly the weeds will start to turn yellow and will eventually die out. Some weeds will die out in a few days and others will need multiple applications.

It’s been said that Spectracide contains two times the chemical potency of 2, 4-D which is a key ingredient for destroying weeds and one of the most widely used herbicides in the world.

However it seems that there are mixed reviews about this weed killer as some people have experienced tremendous results with it but on the other hand, there are also some who didn’t have the same positive results.

Take note that Spectracide or any other herbicides would not give you the best results if you don’t apply it at the proper rate and at the right temperature. Although some people have gotten some nice results by mixing a higher concentration that what the instructions say.
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